Kids Levels

Kids Levels

Snowgarden / Swiss Snow Kids Village

Level Swiss Snow Kids Village

  • Getting familiar with snow and skis
  • Gliding in the fall line and braking

Blue Ski League

Level Blue Prince/Princess

  • Gliding and breaking with the snow plough
  • snow plough

    Level Blue King/Queen

    • Safe use of t-bars
    • safe skiing on blue runs
    • snow plough turns

      Level Blue Star

      • Tricks in the fall line and traverse
      • Jumping off a small jump

        Red Ski League

        Level Red Prince/Princess

        • Parallel turns (skidded)
        • skiing over bumps and dips

            Level Red Red King/Queen

            • Short turns on an easy slope
            • single ski turns on the outside ski

                Level Red Star

                • Parallel turns of various radiuses
                • tricks like waltzing and fakie

                    Black Ski League

                    Level Black Prince/Princess

                    • Dynamic, safe skiing on varied slopes
                    • Varying speed, radius and rhythm

                      Swiss Snow Academy

                      Level Swiss Snow Academy

                      • Safe and controlled skiing on- and off-piste
                      • Quick and accurate turns between the gates
                      • Stylish jumps and tricks in the snow park