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Lauberhorn race

Things to to – Lauberhorn Race

Come to Wengen mid January to enjoy the famous Lauberhorn World Cup race. Watching the race live from the crowds is an unforgettable experience. The atmosphere in Wengen during the competition is electric, and you can bump into world famous skiers on every corner.

If you miss the race itself, you will still have a chance to ski down the famous Lauberhorn run - the piste opens for public after the competition. Our instructors can guide you down this spectacular and challenging run, showing the most exciting parts of the course on your way to the finish line.

Good to know

While the hotels fill up quickly for the Lauberhorn week, most runs remain very empty during the time. All the attention concentrates on the Lauberhorn run where training and races are held. So you can enjoy quiet runs on all other parts of the mountain.
To learn more, visit the Lauberhorn Race official website