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Info for parents

With your help we can facilitate your child’s introduction to the Ski School, so our ski and snowboard instructors can offer your child maximum of fun and learning, in a safe environment!

What does my child need to take to the first ski lesson?

  • Complete and up to date equipment: skis, helmet, poles (from 'Blue King' up)
  • Clothing suited to the weather conditions: sunglasses/goggles, sunscreen, dry gloves
  • Pouch (available at the Ski School office) containing lesson ticket 
  • CHF 5.00 to buy a drink during break time up the mountain
    (Children who have lessons at out Beginners Area take their break at the Ski School House where they get a free drink and snack)

What else should I consider to help my child's introduction to Ski School?

  • Is your child well prepared for the temporary separation from parents?
    Please let the instructor be in charge during the lesson, so you give the teacher and your child a chance to get to know each other. While you’re welcome to watch, please keep a distance, so your child can focus on the tasks set up by the instructor.
  • Please be patient and give us some time!
    If you don’t see much progress in the first couple of hours, please give us and your child some more time. It is important that your child first becomes familiar with the new situation on snow and unfamiliar ski equipment.
  • Safety for your child:
    Please make sure that your child doesn’t wear any clothes with loose straps, scarves or loose long hair, so nothing gets caught on lifts.
  • Please share any important information with us!
    Does your child have any medical conditions or allergies (nuts allergy)? Please make sure you let us know about them, so we can address any specific needs. It’s best to let us know when booking, but please also inform your child’s instructor.
  • Punctuality
    Please bring your child to the meeting point well in time for the lesson and then pick up punctually at the end.

Can siblings be in the same group?

Children are allocated to groups based on skill. Should your children have similar skills, please communicate your wish for them to be in the same class to the instructor in charge on the first day.

Are refunds given if my child does not enjoy the lessons?

Refunds are granted only on presentation of a medical certificate. We suggest purchasing a trial ticket for a single lesson which can be extended at Ski School Office (Schnupperticket) once you know if your child would like to continue lessons.

Is it possible for parents and their children to partake in parallel group classes?

Yes, classes for adults and children start and end at the same time.
Meeting points are close to each other. Children can be taken to the ski school office and be picked up by a kindergarten teacher. All classes end at 12.30pm and children are supervised until picked up by a parent.

From what age can children participate in ski or snowboard lessons?

We accept children from 4 years and up for ski lessons. For snowboard group lessons we recommend a minimum age of 8 years. By mutual agreement, younger children may be accepted.

Do children need to bring a snack?

Classes held at the Beginners Area take a break at our Ski School House where the children receive a drink and a snack.
Classes who ski up in the ski area need to take. CHF5.00 to buy a drink during break time up on the mountain.

What about lunch for children?

The Tourist Center takes reservations for children to have lunch and to go to the creche. Please inform your child's snowsport instructor directly of any such reservations. Your child can be taken directly to the Playhouse after the lesson.

At what level does a child need ski poles?

From level 'Blue King’ and up.

When is the ski race?

The ski race is on Friday at the conclusion of the week's lessons.

Detailed information on time and place will be supplied by the individual snowsport instructors.

About the ski school and our courses

Do you accept payment by credit card?

We accept all current cards such as Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Postcard and American Express. We also accept cash (in CHF or Euro).

How are the classes put together?

We rely on the information given to us by the parents regarding the children’s ability and experience. Please also use the Swiss Snow League guidelines, available on our homepage, which outline the relevant levels. If the instructors find the level is not appropriate during the first lessons, it is possible to change.

Is it possible to join a class during the week?

Non-beginners may join a group on any day. Fridays are not ideal as it is race day and the last day of the weekly lessons. Group classes for total beginners are only available starting from Sunday or Monday.

Does the price for lessons include a ski pass?

Use of the magic carpets in the beginner area is free of charge.

Use of the button lifts in the same area require a separate ski pass, ski passes for lessons on the mountain in the ski area can be purchased at the train station or at the cable car station Männlichen in the village and include train travel, and all lifts in the ski area.

Children up to 6 years old are entitled to a free pass (Piccolo Pass), obtainable at the train station or at the cable car station.

Do you also have Dutch speaking instructors?

We have a number of Dutch speakers. However, we cannot guarantee that your child will be placed with one for group lessons. For private lesson bookings it is easier to organise an instructor whose language matches a learner's language. Please communicate your needs at the time of booking.

Is it possible to request a specific instructor?

At the time of booking we are happy to make note of any specific requirements. While it may be more difficult to satisfy these for group lesson bookings, we try to meet your needs as best as we can.

Where is ski equipment available for hire?

Several sport shops in Wengen offer equipment for hire.
Ski School Wengen collaborates with Central Sports or Alpia Sport where everything needed is available. We offer our guests a discount voucher upon booking.