Swiss Ski School Wengen


In 1925, during the early days of winter tourism, mainly English guests took ski lessons. A run from Kleine Scheidegg or Eigergletscher, including a lunch break, almost took a whole day. The customary hourly rate was five francs an hour, resulting in a day rate of CHF 25.00 making the occupation as a ski instructor very attractive with earnings five times higher than those of a tradesman.


Following the outbreak of war, the Winter Tourism Office intended to cease giving ski lessons. The instructors decided to run the Ski School on their own account, taking responsibility for organisation and costs.
After the second World War, following a period of fairly informal organisation, Ski School Wengen was formed into a cooperative society in 1947.


In 1990 Ski School Wengen comprised 26 cooperative members and employed between 55 and 70 Snowsport Instructors during the Christmas and New Year period.

1930 - 1939

Ski School Wengen was established in 1930 by the local Christian Rubi. Highly popular with guests, resulting in class sizes of 15-30 people. Christian Rubi stayed at the helm of Ski School Wengen until 1939. In 1933 he also became the initiator of the first training course for directors of Ski Schools in Switzerland.


In 1955 the first public display of skiing styles took place, giving spectators an insight into the technical demands of ski instruction. During our high season in February we still hold this weekly event now called the Snow Show.


Today Ski School Wengen has 17 cooperative members and employs up to 140 Snowsport Instructors during high season. Ski School Wengen is one of the most important local employers.
Since its inception in 1930 the Ski and Snowboard School Wengen has evolved into a modern enterprise and is one of the longest running and largest Ski Schools in Switzerland.