Our Team

Unbeatable local knowledge

Our instructors

Many of our instructors come from the Jungfrau region, and Wengen itself. Their understanding of the mountain will guide you to the most stunning places the resort has to offer. They also have plenty of good ideas what to do after your lesson. Ask them for places to eat, have a drink or enjoy a fun family afternoon.

 We teach in over 10 languages!

We know how hard it can be to learn a new sport in a foreign language which is why we have a multi-lingual team. We help you or your children relax and focus on having fun and progressing. Here is a selection of languages spoken by our instructors:
Swiss, German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish

We’ll do our best to allocate an instructor who speaks your native language – please get in touch with us early on (especially for less common languages) to help us plan!

Demo Team

The Skischool Wengen has one Demo Team Wengen Men. They have a weekly training on the slopes of Jungfrau region from December to April preparing for their competitions: "Bernese Instructors Championships" and "Swiss Championships in Formation Skiing" within the framework of the "Swiss Snow Happening".

When skiing in a formation, a team of eight members shows various ski figures and dynamic technique on a slope of 250-400 meters, all with great speed and everyone being as synchronised as possible. Each individual skier has to maintain perfect technique, matching the timing of turns and moves to everyone else in the team at all times. During competitions, the judges rate teams on dynamics, precision, technique and synchronization.

Come and see the Demo Team during our Snowshow!